Living in Tijuana

There's a reason more than 90,000 people cross the border each day to go to San Diego, and it's not just shopping.


School, work, medical appointments with the luxury of staying somewhere with cheaper rent, is a huge appeal.


The rental market in the United States and high unemployment rates are pushing people to find other living options. Crossing the border to Tijuana might be your next option, but maybe you feel like you need more guidance.


Tijuana Tips and Tricks

Browse our site to find your favorite new favorite outdoor retreat, a nearby coffee shop, or the next amazing taco that everyone raves about. You’ll find some good tips for living in Tijuana and exploring the area too.

Years of Experience

Originally from Colorado and replanted to Tijuana in 2004, it was difficult getting used to the local culture and took me quite a few years to acclimate, so I hope to make your relocation process more smooth.

My husband who is a Mexican local, and I, make a great team and have tackled many projects together in Tijuana. From fixing up and managing rentals, to getting the kids enrolled in a local Tijuana school, we’ve got the experience to help you thrive in this interesting city.

How can we help you? 

Check out some rentals in the area and we can guide you around to see which neighborhoods you are interested in, with all the services you require. 

We can help you negotiate and secure rentals, find moving services, hire repair technicians for appliances, and get your bills paid on time.

…and then you will be like family –  welcome to Tijuana!