Expenses in Tijuana - Groceries

Gas Management

Cost of living in Tijuana is significantly different than in San Diego.

A grocery cart of products in San Diego is more than 2-3x the price that I pay here in Tijuana.


Locally priced brands are marketed towards a much less affluent crowd and priced more realistically.


I find that shopping at Oxxo for our family is a convenient and cost-saving option when you don’t want to wait in long lines at Walmart.

This comparison shows examples of grocery receipts you might find in Tijuana and a side by side electric bill. 



We compared SDGE - June to CFE - April

Both bills came from a 3-bedroom home, without air conditioning or central heating.

This is not a perfect example, as there is no control in electricity used, but you can see in relatively comparative months, the bill was cheaper on the Mexico side.

Electricity is much cheaper in Tijuana, just watch out for space heaters and don’t use excessive electricity (like space heaters overnight), as the penalties are steep.

Bills are calculated every 2 months so the CFE bill below breaks down to about $20 each month once converted. Compared to SDGE that’s a pretty helpful savings.

Other utilities to consider will include paying for gas (cooking and hot water primarily), buying bottled drinking water, paying for running water, possibly paying or tipping for trash pickup, and possible home owner association fees in more exclusive and fenced neighborhoods, usually used to pay security guards at the entrance.

Still, your savings for all of those utilities will be significant, compared to San Diego. 

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