Is Tijuana Safe? 


The region of Tijuana is one of the most heavily guarded borders in the world, with more than 50 million residents and tourists crossing the border each year.

You can't compare downtown Denver or Los Angeles to the safety of the local suburbs.


And you can't compare downtown Tijuana bars, strip clubs and late-night hustle to the quiet family-centric neighborhoods throughout the city.

Summary of Savings in Tijuana



We compared SDGE - June to CFE - April

Both bills came from a 3-bedroom home, without air conditioning or central heating. reported a 54.5% savings on electricity and utilities in Tijuana.

Electricity is much cheaper in Tijuana, if you are careful not to be excessive, as the penalties are steep.

Bills are calculated every 2 months. The CFE bill below breaks down to about $20 each month once converted. Compared to SDGE that’s a pretty helpful savings.

Other utilities to include in the budget:

  • internet service

  • cell phone service

  • propane gas (cooking, clothes dryer and hot water)

  • bottled drinking water

  • tap / city water

  • garbage services

  • home owner association fees

  • volunteer patrol guards or security for gated communities

Your savings for all of those utilities will be significant, compared to San Diego. Here's an idea of what you would pay for a family of 5 in Tijuana. Click on the currency converter to find the cost in USD:


How Much Could You Save?

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