Cost of living in Tijuana is significantly different. 

I grocery cart of products in San Diego is more than 2-3x the price that I pay here in Tijuana. Locally priced brands are marketed towards a much less affluent crowd and priced more realistically. I find that shopping at Oxxo for our family is a convenient and cost-saving option when you don’t want to wait in long lines at Walmart.

This comparison shows examples of grocery receipts you might find in Tijuana and we take into consideration the difference between convenience stores and family-owned local “tiendas”.

Tijuana Groceries
Oxxo has purchasing and pricing power and offers many items cheaper than 7/11
Oxxo has better variety, especially in larger stores
Mom and pop local tiendas are significantly higher priced, with sometimes fresher produce, and worth supporting

7/11 is known in the US for having much more expensive prices associated to the convenience of late-night items. Here in Tijuana, it’s a few pesos more than Oxxo.

My favorite dark chocolate Hershey bar is only a few pesos cheaper at the local Mexico Oxxo chain.

My impression by informal survey is that there are more dog lovers than cat lovers in Mexico, just based on the limited options to buy kitty litter. Maybe I haven’t yet found the perfect supplier but I have to go 2 or 3 stores sometimes to buy the item I want. 

On the other hand, Whiskas wet and dry cat food is plentiful at almost every corner store. I consistently find these better priced at Oxxo whereas the locally owned tiendas have to increase the price by a few pesos to profit.


A comparable 3oz product in San Diego goes for double the price on sale at about .79 cents per can.

cat food price

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So many great ways to save money in Tijuana. Now all you have to do is find a place to live and join us for the adventure!

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Originally from Colorado and replanted to Tijuana in 2004, it was difficult getting used to the local culture and took me quite a few years to acclimate, so I hope to make your relocation process more smooth.

My husband who is a Mexican local, and I (a proper Gringa from Colorado), make a great team and have tackled many projects together in Tijuana. From fixing up and managing rentals, to getting the kids enrolled in a local Tijuana school, we’ve got the experience to help you thrive in this interesting and thriving city.

Check out some rentals in the area and we can guide you around to see which neighborhoods you are interested in, with all the services you require. 

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