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Originally from Colorado and replanted to Tijuana in 2004, it was difficult getting used to the local culture and took me quite a few years to acclimate, so I hope to make your relocation process more smooth.

My husband who is a Mexican local, and I (a proper Gringa from Colorado), make a great team and have tackled many projects together in Tijuana. From fixing up and managing rentals, to getting the kids enrolled in a local Tijuana school, we’ve got the experience to help you thrive in this interesting city.

Check out some rentals in the area and we can guide you around to see which neighborhoods you are interested in, with all the services you require. 

We can help you negotiate and secure rentals, find moving services, hire repair technicians for appliances, and get your bills paid on time.

…and then you will be like family –  welcome to Tijuana!

Top Breakfast

Adorable cafe – quaint La Cacho neighborhood, to walk the pancakes off, with Tijuana-style Chilaquiles, homemade croissants and splendid coffee and service to go with it. 

Top Sushi

The only place I’ve seen so far that will ask if you prefer American or Mexican style sushi. (Hint: Mexican style always has Philadelphia cream cheese). They also serve Wasabi automatically which is a good sign.

Top Pizza

Popular with the locals since 2012! On the downtown Revu, simple menu of 4 items proves they stick with what they know. Thin, crispy crust MARGARITA, Salami, Four Cheese – even pesto sauce.

Save Money This Month

  • Groceries: almost 50% off, without coupons

  • No excessive heating / cooling cost

  • Repair services on appliances are minimal

  • Gas prices down to half the cost of San Diego pumps

  • Utilities: a fraction of the cost with easy bill pay options

  • 1-2 bedroom houses: for as little as $400-500/month

We Compared Receipts!

Top Patio

The IT beer garden and food park to be found – with the most fresh air conveniently located near La Cacho. Humo Food Truck is a sure bet. Pet Friendly.


  • Learn when, where and how to take care of bills and utilities.

    69 US dollars

Top Tacos

Voted one of the Top 3 taquerias by Tijuana locals for the last few years. Have you ever had a taco without a tortilla? This one is called the Fantasma taco because the tortilla is a “ghost” and replaced by a melted jack cheese tortilla. Burnt cheese lovers unite!




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