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Tijuana Facts

New York and Chicago have higher crime rates than Baja California

Cost of Living in Tijuana is 50% Less than El Paso, TX

More than 135k people cross the San Ysidro border each day

What's the Real Cost of Living in Tijuana?


We'll drive you through areas in Tijuana that will fit your budget and help you organize a property visit. View several properties in the Tijuana area that fit your budget. There are several rental options that only advertise by street signs.

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Top Pizza

Popular with the locals since 2012! On the downtown Revu, simple menu of 4 items proves they stick with what they know. Thin, crispy crust MARGARITA, Salami, Four Cheese – even pesto sauce.

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Cheaper Living in Tijuana?

GROCERIES: spend 50% less than San Diego, without coupons!

CAR GAS: at least half the cost of U.S. gas pumps

UTILITIES: a fraction of the electric and gas expense

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What's the Real Cost of Living in Tijuana?

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