Bringing Beloved Pets to Tijuana

EDITOR NOTE: There are so many pet-friendly restaurants and cafes in Tijuana that could easily bring your pooch with you. Local vets are easy to find and budget-friendly, as well as bilingual. You can find dog-walkers, dog-sitters and water bowls outside of your favorite coffee shops.

We have all wondered at some point how we can cross into the United States with our pet, if any type of permit or visa is required for it. But the reality is that it is not as complex as previously thought.

The United States does not allow animals to enter that could be a danger or bring a disease for US residents and / or animals of the country, that is why they have a series of rules and requirements that must be followed in order to enter with your dog or cat.

These requirements apply to all dogs and cats, including puppies and service animals. Take into account that one of the requirements must be done 30 days before entering San Diego.

What is required to cross with a dog or cat?

Rabies vaccination test.

-Dogs arriving from a country where rabies is present must be accompanied by a valid document, a rabies vaccination certificate that includes the following information:

-Name and address of the owner.

- Breed, sex, age, color, marks and other identification information of the pet (vaccination card).

- Rabies vaccination date and information on the vaccine product. -Date of expiration of the vaccine.

-Name, license number, address and signature of the veterinarian.

-Puppies should not be vaccinated against rabies before 3 months of age.

- Get vaccinated against rabies, this must be done at least 30 days before entering the United States.

NOTE: Some certificates say the vaccine is valid for 3 years. Dogs should not be vaccinated again if they are within the dates of the certificate.

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