Happy Budget! OXXO Stores Are Everywhere

Living in Tijuana could cut your grocery costs - even just Oxxo stores, alone.

There are more than 19,000 Oxxo convenience stores throughout Mexico, even during the pandemic when more than 200 stores where closed temporarily.

Shopping at Oxxo provides relief from big-ticket spending and compulsive shopping that Wal-Mart and big-chain stores like Soriana and Calimax count on, but you have to be diligent about finding healthier options than the junk and candy aisles.

Oxxo prices are fairly competitive with other big chains and they have everything from staples to fresh baked bread, produce and pharmacy supplies. It is not uncommon to visit Oxxo 2-3 times each day, simply because it's so easy to pop in and out quickly.

Even though sales were dampened during the 2020 Pandemic, most local Oxxos are going strong with the new face-mask and social distancing regulations. This makes it easier for you to pick up staples you may have forgotten in the grocery store. You can even bypass the grocery store all together and just pickup a few necessary supplies to hold you over.

Another bonus is the ability to pay utility bills like electricity, water and phone services while you are picking up milk and bread. With a lack of bank accounts in a large portion of the Mexico population, many depend on using Oxxo for bank card deposits and more recently using Oxxo for online or Amazon Mexico payments.

In our Playas beach community in Tijuana, with a 2015 population of 146,000 residents, we have more than 10 Oxxo stores. Some literally within blocks of each other, Oxxo determines store locations on population density and strategically chooses to pay rent instead of buying properties.

Conveniently, some are open 24 hours and others open around 7:00am and you can get fresh coffee and even hot Conchas directly out of the oven. A perfect reason to get out of bed and walk to the local Oxxo.

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