Living in Concrete House Rentals in Tijuana

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I’ve lived in wood and drywall houses all of my life, until we decided to look for house rentals in Tijuana.

The first few years living in a concrete house were brutal because I didn’t realize how cold Tijuana could get, being next to the Pacific.

But we adjusted, and now we know that the concrete eventually warms in the warm afternoon sun.

Tip: don’t forget to open the windows a bit each day to keep the mold out. We had so much mold in our first Tijuana rental, that we had to spray bleach all over the ceiling and then scrap and scrub for hours.


And then came the California fires and I’ve never looked at wood built houses the same.

So I’ve come to appreciate concrete as a building material.

We are more secure from local fires in our cozy concrete dwelling, and we have better soundproofing from the loud (ahem LOUD) local sound systems.

Are you thinking of moving to Tijuana?

There are so many ways to save money in Tijuana. Cheaper utilities, cheaper rent and less spending on groceries helps my budget ten-fold.

There are several advantages to living in a concrete rentals in Tijuana. Living in a concrete home is more efficient on energy (cheaper utilities), houses are more fire resistance, more protected from the crazy Santa Ana winds, less insects, and fewer airborne allergens without the wood walls.

If you are interested in looking for rentals in Tijuana…call me for a weekend tour. We’ll get you some good tacos and guidance in finding your way through the rentals in Tijuana.

Our 15 years of experience could change the direction of your life.

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