Mexican Candy: Spicy, Sweet and Exotic

EDITOR NOTE: Candy from Mexico can be quite exotic if you are not familiar with the sweet and sour notes. Mexico is known for chocolate and vanilla but for candy sweets, the fruity, sweet and tangy flavors like Tamarind and Mango are the stars. Where the U.S. leans more on heavy and rich chocolate flavors as a treat.

Tamarindo Candy

Tamarind is the most common ingredient found in Mexican candies; this popular fruit originates from Asia and is grown in Mexico as well. A vast majority of Mexican sweets contain tamarind, which is sweet and sour in taste. Mexico's most popular brands that consist of tamarind based candies are Vero Lollipops, Lucas crazy hair & salsaghetti strips, Pulparindo tamarind pulp candy, Lorena Pelon Pelo Rico, Pica Gomas, & Dulces Tama-Roca. Spicy tamarind is also sold as spoon suckers & in small traditional clay jars.

Chamoy Candy

Another typical Mexican candy is the famous Chamoy, that uses apricot, plum or mango as its fruit base, it is sweet, sour & salty in taste. It is often found in Mexico's most popular candy brands, fruit sauces and for frozen confections such as slushies that are referred to as Chamoyada. Some of Mexico's sweetest and popular confections are dried fruits such as mangos that come dipped in delicious chamoy sauce. Chamoy is not only a liquid treat, but comes in a thicker pasty consistency and in powder form such as the popular Miguelitos brand that can be eaten by itself or sprinkled onto other fruits and sweets. Brands like Lucas, Pelon Pelo Rico, Hola, Tajin and Limon 7 are among some of the candy brands that use this delicious ingredient for their candies.

Cajeta Candy - Caramel Candy

When it comes to sweet concoctions, Cajeta or Caramel also known as dulce de leche, is Mexico's most beloved and popular candy. Cajeta is a sweet caramel that is made from fresh cow or goat milk, it can be eaten alone or used as a topping on a variety dishes & candies. Cajeta is most often eaten with pancakes, ice cream, cookies, cakes and the famous wafers also know as obleas con cajeta. Cajeta is also used to candies such as lollipops, chewy caramels and hard candies. Coronado is Mexico's leading brand of Caramel (dulce de leche) sauces and candies, such as lollipops and caramels. Glorias brand is also known for its delicious chewy caramels. Other popular brands are Aldama, Las Sevillanas & Montes.

Mexican Lollipops Candy

Lollipops are also among Mexico's favorite sweets, there are a variety of flavors for all taste buds, and they can be spicy ranging from hot to mild or non spicy concoctions. Mexican lollipops often have a spicy tamarind or chamoy outer shell, as well as a chili powder filling. For those who prefer non spicy treats, Mexican lollipops also offer sweet treats with a gum filling. Lollipops are also known for their fruity flavor often made from mango, pineapple, strawberry, cherry and apricot, most of these fruity treats are also spicy.

Mexican Chocolate Candy

Mexico also offers some of the most exquisite and delicious concoctions for chocolate lovers. After all it was the Aztecs who introduced the cacao plant, which makes most of today's delicious confections. The most famous chocolate brands are Carlos V, Abuelita, Ibarra & Don Gustavo.

The uniqueness of Mexican candy & its variety of flavors, textures and shapes truly make it a work of art for the world. Mexico offers some of the most delicious sweets for all types of candy lovers, whether you love liquid, solid, spicy, salty or sweet candy, you will love the authentic and exquisite taste of Mexico's sweets.

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