Mexican Ginger Snaps - Kinda

EDITOR NOTE: It can be quite an adjustment living here when you are so accustomed to American treats. Ginger snap cookies, ginger bread and ginger bread houses are big around the holidays in many homes, and here in Mexico they have Pig cookies! Yep - a similar spiced cookie made with piloncillo, usually shaped like pigs.

The cookie dough is really easy to make and it comes together in a few minutes, and the combination of molasses, brown sugar, cinnamon, all spice, and ginger is sure to fill your kitchen with sweet nostalgia. You can stop by your local cake supply store or Sur La Table for the pig shaped cookie cutter, but I bought mine on Amazon here.

My parents had the opportunity to purchase their first home this year, so it was their first time hosting at their place and we had a great time! I did end up having to do about 95% percent of the cooking, but I didn’t mind, I got to use the time to test a few recipes.

One of the recipes I started testing a few nights before, were these Marranitos. Marranitos (or Puerquitos) are these piloncillo cookies shaped like a pig that I wasn’t really a fan of growing up. The panadería across the street from the house I grew up in always made them dry and cakey, and when my uncles would bring fresh pan dulce from their trips to Tijuana there would often be a marranito buried deep in the bag, and those would always snap from how hard and dry they were. I wanted to change a few things for my interpretation, and I really enjoyed how these came out. They’re soft and cakey, but moist, and well spiced!

Read Full Recipe Here: Chicano Eats

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