Rentals in Tijuana


Driving around in Tijuana is absolutely the best way to find the best rentals in Mexico.


You can find some listings on Craigslist - true. But you won't find a huge variety of options. 

We’ve lived here for 16 years (and 6 house rentals later) and can help you find the best deals too.


Plan to drive around a few days and wait patiently for the perfect fit.

We can show you the safest areas to live in Tijuana – lunch included!

And once you are moved in, we can show you how to handle all the bills and expenses.

Where's the Best Place to Live in Tijuana?

How can we help you? 


Check out some rentals in the area and we can guide you around to see which neighborhoods you are interested in, with all the services you require. 

We can help you negotiate and secure rentals, find moving services, hire repair technicians for appliances, and get your bills paid on time.

…and then you will be like family –  welcome to Tijuana!


My husband (born in Mexico), and I (Colorado Native) make a great team and have tackled many projects together in Tijuana.


From fixing up and managing rentals, to getting the kids enrolled in a local Tijuana school, we’ve got the experience to help you thrive in this interesting and thriving city.